Save Countless Hours Every Week — Delegate Your To-Do List
Delegated pairs you with a college-educated virtual assistant, based in the U.S., specially trained to handle the tasks holding you back.
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Dedicated Remote Assistants for Busy Executives,
Teams & Entrepreneurs to help you focus on what
you love and delegate the rest.
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We’ve made it easier than ever
to hire a virtual assistant.
So you can focus on what you do best.
Your own assistant
We match you with a virtual assistant assigned only to you, with an expertise aligned to your unique needs and expectations.
Backup assistants
We also assign you a backup assistant — think of it as an understudy — ready to jump in if your virtual assistant is unavailable.
24/7 emergency response team
Got an urgent off-hours task and your virtual assistant isn’t around? Our emergency response team is always on call.
Plus, if your virtual assistant under-delivers, we’ll credit the time used back to your account and will switch you to another virtual assistant to do the job right. With Delegated, you have nothing to lose.
College educated,

U.S. based assistants
  • All our virtual assistants are
    college educated and live in the U.S.
  • We train your assistant — so you
    don’t have to
  • Direct contact, email, phone,
    and text

Why Delegated?

An assistant
hand-picked for you
It takes just a few minutes for you to tell us what you need. We’ll match you with a thoroughly vetted assistant — located in the U.S. — who is a proven expert in their speciality. No more wasting hours on a job-board site, hoping to land someone good enough.
Save on overhead, headaches, and hassle without compromising quality
Full-time assistants are too costly. Plus, you rarely need someone full-time. Delegated assistants give you all the benefits of a full-time employee (1:1 dedication, ongoing training, accessibility) without the cost. Your assistant is employed by us — so there’s no payroll, benefits, or costly overhead.

How to delegate
your way to freedom

The tasks you don’t like doing

Know those tasks that never get checked off your list? Delegate them to your virtual assistant — make time for what really matters.

The tasks you don’t know how to do

No one expects you to be a master at everything. Some tasks should be handed off to an expert who can do it faster and better. With thousands of assistance to choose from, representing dozens of specialties and industries, we’ll match you with an assistant who’ll get the job done.

The tasks that are a waste of your time

Just because a task is easy to do doesn’t mean you should do it. Your time is valuable. Delegate these mundane tasks and free your calendar (and mind) to tackle more important projects.
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