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1. Meet your assistant
We’ll ask you some questions to match you with one our virtual assistants as well as a backup assistant.
2. Create a workflow

Our platform gives you the power to create a workflow that fits your lifestyle. You choose how to track time, communicate, and share files with your assistant.
3. Start delegating

You have access to your virtual assistant 8am-5pm your local time. Start delegating tasks and grow as you need.
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Front Office

Scheduling. Share your Gmail, Outlook or iCloud calendar and Delegated will manage your Calendar, schedule and appointments.
Calls. Rely on our Receptionists to answer your calls. We can transfer calls, follow up with contacts, and manage your calendar in real-time.
Marketing. Grow your online presence with scheduled social media posts, competitive research and professional blogs. 

Client Services. We'll respond to emails and inquiries, follow up with past clients and provide additional support where required.

Back Office

Recurring. Set it and forget it. Utilize Delegated to take over key core processes in your business. We can organize documents, enter data, filter messages, follow up with clients, and more.

Documents. Have your proposals, spreadsheets, blogs, and documents proofread and enhanced. Delegated will ensure that your materials are accurate, relevant, and beautiful.‍
Research. We will compile a list of contacts, conduct a competitive analysis, compile a list of relevant articles, research vendor quotes, and much more. 

Strategy. Need ideas, we've got em. Share your company or personal objectives and Delegated will generate a plan and proposal to help get you there.

Everything Else

Personal support. Delegated provides a wide array of support for growth across business, personal, health and family needs.
Travel. Delegated combines the flexibility and global executive concierge services of a travel agency with Internet- competitive fares and rates.
Growth. From recipes, to workout routines, family trip ideas to the perfect engagement proposal, we've got you covered. Delegated can provide you with the guidance, support, and care to keep your professional and personal life in balance.
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Your time is valuable, free your calendar (and mind) to tackle more important projects.

See how we can support your unique needs

A good virtual assistant is worth their weight in gold. If you’re trying to grow your business, you need to focus 100% of your time on key activities to generate that growth. Your virtual assistant can focus on keeping things organized behind the scenes.
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Real Estate Firms
Save time and money with a virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant will help grow your business without the added expense of an in-house assistant. Let your virtual assistant assist you with managing your busy schedule, updating your listings, and organizing your inbox so you can deal with the important stuff.
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Property Management
Hiring a virtual assistant is a cost-effective way to expand your property management company’s capabilities. With a virtual assistant, you’re free from the worries of other overhead costs or offering benefits. With trusted VAs in place, you are able to find time for the things that matter most in life.
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Motivational & Public Speakers
A virtual assistant can perform the tasks that are essential to building your speaking career. Delegating tasks to your virtual assistant gives you more time for writing and preparing for speaking events, networking, brainstorming, and the freedom to grow and enjoy your business.
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Sports Agents
As a sports agent, you’re responsible for managing your clients' business and legal affairs, negotiating on behalf of your clients, and managing marketing and promotion activities. Let your virtual assistant
worry about the day-to-day activities to free you up to handle your clients.
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Medical/Dental Practice
Let your virtual assistant free you from the administrative, operational, and daily clerical tasks so that you can focus on taking care of your patients and growing your practice.
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Social Media Influencers
Promoting your brand and engaging with customers and prospects on social media sites is a 24/7 job. You may feel that you can manage all your social media channels and responsibilities on your own, but throughout the day, your audience is continuing to talk about your brand. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can keep on top of things and grow your business and brand.
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As an author, there’s more to your day than just writing and publishing a book. Your virtual assistant can help you spend less time on the business side of being an author and more time writing your next book. Let your virtual assistant handle the behind-the-scenes work – getting books out to reviewers, sending and tracking blurb requests, creating a regular email newsletter, and so on – all those time-consuming tasks can be delegated to your virtual assistant.
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Hiring a virtual assistant can help you improve your customer service as well as your daily operations.  As a restaurateur, your focus should be on providing exceptional dining experiences to your patrons. A  virtual assistant can provide the support you need and allow you to stop worrying about back office tasks and enjoy running your restaurant.
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Legal Firms
Whether you’re an established law firm or just starting out, you may be trying to do everything yourself in order to make ends meet and grow. While that approach makes sense isn’t sustainable over the long term. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to focus on practicing law and growing your legal practice.
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Without a virtual assistant to lend a hand, your entertainment business may grow out of control with all the items on your to-do list. Between paperwork, coordinating travel, and scheduling, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant to help take some of the weight off your shoulders.
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Mortgage Brokers
Time is money and there isn’t always enough time or money to go around. A virtual assistant can help. Free up some of your time by delegating tasks to your virtual assistant to ensure meetings are managed, reports and financials are updated, and that the rest of your team is apprised of status updates.
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Talent Agencies
You bend over backwards to ensure your clients are supported and happy. Let your virtual assistant make you feel supported by keeping track of the details, prioritizing your calls, and acting as a gatekeeper so you can be productive and grow your business.
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Save on overhead, headaches, and hassle without compromising quality.

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