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Delegated virtual assistants help executives and small businesses focus on what matters most. Learn what they’ve accomplished, in their own words.
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With a Delegated assistant’s help, COL Vik Bebarta, MD, can focus on fulfilling his mission.

COL Vik Bebarta, MD at CU Anschutz Center for COMBAT Research almost gave up on VAs before Delegated matched him with a reliable admin with marketing experience.
"It’s very reassuring to know that when something comes up, she’s a step ahead of me. She’s willing to jump in and tackle that, or at least make initial inquiries into how we can move that or optimize that plan or program."
COL Vik Bebarta, MD, CU Anschutz Center for COMBAT Research
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Thanks to her Delegated virtual assistant, Katie Gorsky can focus on growth.

Katie was tired of what she calls the “flake factor,” when she trained virtual assistants who would just disappear after learning the ropes and she had to start all over again. She loves that Delegated offers a reliable alternative to Upworkers who flake.
"It’s just been a wonderful experience to keep building and building on what she can take off of my desk. I don’t have to think twice about handing it off."
Katie Gorsky, COO, Somatic Training Networks
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Michael Barbouche’s Delegated virtual assistant keeps him scheduled for success.

Michael couldn’t focus on clients and prospects because his calendar was packed with internal meetings. Nita uses a color-coded system to create the balance he needs.
"I’m very confident in the way we manage a calendar today. It’s wonderful because a big part of my work is to contribute to the growth and to contribute to the strength with our clients. There’s real intention now in how to build out the day."
Michael Barbouche, CEO, Forward Health Group
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