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Working with Amazon can be a freeing experience. But if you get too bogged down in the details, it can also be a line of work that often feels like excessive amounts of data entry, customer support, and logistics. That’s why an Amazon virtual assistant can come in and immediately help you rearrange your life so you’re more productive. Here’s how.

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What an Amazon Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

If you already run a business whose transactions mostly occur on Amazon, then you’re already familiar with the platform. The problem isn’t familiarity. The problem is that there may be aspects to Amazon’s services that get in the way of you being more productive. We don’t want that.

The easy solution? A virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely while serving the capacities of a full time or part time assistant for your business. By introducing an assistant into your business pipeline, you’ll take some of the pressure off of yourself and free your own time to focus on the bigger picture.

Here are some of the key areas in which an Amazon virtual assistant can help:

  • Dealing with suppliers. One of the major frustrations of anyone who sells on Amazon is making sure that the suppliers have everything ready to go. And when there are problems on this end, It can eat up a tremendous amount of your time. Using a virtual assistant with experience in using Amazon will help you contact suppliers without it eating up a major chunk of your day.
  • Dealing with customers. The customer-facing aspect of Amazon is a strange thing. Having a lot of customers means that your business is thriving, which is a good thing. But having a lot of customers also means that you have a lot of issues to deal with, which isn’t always fun. You can outsource customer-facing tasks and communication to an Amazon virtual assistant to make sure that you’re still free to spend your day how you want.
  • Listings management. Your listing on your Amazon feels like your lifeblood for a reason—it’s that important to your business. An assistant can help track your product listings and alert you when something needs fixing. If you made searching through your own listings and checking to see how you stack up against the competition a regular part of your day, you can outsource that without ignoring these listings.
  • Optimization. When you create something on Amazon, you need to make sure that the listing is not only clear and cohesive, but optimized to Amazon’s standards. An experienced Amazon assistant can help you double-check everything you’ve done, or even take the reins of your optimization.
  • Social media. Managing your social media presence can be a job in and of itself, responding to customers and creating new postings. Automating these tasks will help give your company the same amount of reach without relying on your own hard work to make it happen.
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How to Get an Amazon Virtual Assistant Up and Running

With the above in mind, it might seem like you’re hiring a full time employee. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to cost that much. If you know the common scenarios that your virtual assistant will help you with, you can simply assign those tasks in a way that suits your budget.

More on that later. For now, let’s focus on the tasks that you can immediately start delegating if you have a virtual assistant:

  • Supervision of Amazon listings. From looking at how you rank for specific Amazon keywords to managing the optimization of your listings, a virtual assistant with experience working on Amazon can essentially supervise your ready-made listings. You’ll be able to free yourself from the daily work associated with monitoring your success on Amazon so you can focus on new products and new plans.
  • Customer support. Want to get yourself out of the customer support pipeline? The only way to do it is to let someone else take care of it. On Amazon, without regular customer support, you may see your reviews drop and your bottom line take a hit. Having a virtual assistant step in and handle customer support duties is a great way to get started.
  • Research. Like doing research? Even if research is your favorite part of working with Amazon—and for many people, it’s not—you can always use the additional capacity that comes with hiring an assistant. Discovering products to purchase at a wholesale price, selling them on Amazon, and researching competition are all necessary parts of keeping your Amazon business afloat. Let an experienced assistant help you with your ecommerce research and you’ll find just how much more time you have to focus on what you want to focus on.

Do You Need a Virtual Amazon Assistant?

Even given all that an Amazon virtual assistant can do for you, it’s only natural to be skeptical of trying something new. That’s why we’ve put together some of the following information to help demonstrate just how powerful this hire can be for you:

  • Flexibility in payment. The average virtual assistant salary varies if you look across industries and locations—partially due to the difference between hiring full time and part time—that you should have no problem finding a price point that works for you. On the higher end, virtual assistants can cost up to $5,600 per month, or far, far less depending on your needs. They will also help you save money over hiring a full-time employee, as statistics suggest virtual assistants can help save up to 78% in operating costs per year.
  • Virtual assistants have skills and experience. Been avoiding hiring someone to help you with your Amazon ambitions because you’re worried they won’t have the skills and experience you have? You’d be surprised. These days, 58.9% of virtual assistants are full-time, and 59.2% have a college education. 

You’ll also find that hiring a virtual assistant can be preferable for a growing business, partially because it costs far less than hiring a physical, full-time employee. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost to employers—across all industries—was about $36.61 per hour in June of 2019.

Why does a virtual assistant help reduce this cost? Because with a virtual assistant, you aren’t paying the same expenses associated with a full-time employee. You’re also free to set the virtual assistant’s hours with far more flexibility than if you were to make an office hire.

Get Started with an Amazon Virtual Assistant Today

If you need someone to help you research, deal with customers, handle data entry, manage new products, perform keyword research, or handle any of the other aspects associated with an Amazon virtual assistant, then it’s time to get started. The only question is: how? We’ve simplified the process of hiring with these key steps:

  • Sign up. That’s it for step one! Just sign up with us and you’re ready to get started.
  • Get in touch with a customer success manager. Your success is our success. We’ll get you connected to a customer success manager who feels invested in your new hire.
  • Select your VA. Now’s the time to ask yourself which of the tasks listed above are going to be most frequent in your Amazon business. You’ll then make a hiring decision based on the skills and experience of the available options.
  • Get your VA ready. Your VA needs to know how your business works and what you’ll expect of them to get started off on the right foot. You can browse the FAQ below for more information on what to do, but we recommend preparing at least a simple document that tells the VA how they can best help your company. Make your expectations clear and provide accurate feedback to ensure that your VA performs at a high level.

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FAQs – Amazon Virtual Assistants

Still have questions? That’s fine! We’ve taken some of the most popular ones and listed them below:

What does an Amazon assistant do?

The same kinds of things you’ve been doing with your Amazon business: keyword research, data entry, listing optimization, social media, customer support, and handling a variety of business needs. The only difference is that you’ll be delegating this work.

What does an Amazon assistant need to get started?

Because you’ll be hiring an assistant with experience working on Amazon, you won’t have to completely introduce them to how the system works. They’ll be familiar with the terminology and logistics of managing an Amazon business. However, it’s still important that you define what it is you want to have accomplished—and your system for doing so. One great way to do this is to create an orientation document that will help. And if you’re lost on that, you can also have calls with your virtual assistant so they can help with that, too!

How should I select an Amazon assistant?

It’s really up to your individual priorities. But rather than imagine what you want in an assistant, try to think about it in terms of hiring what you need. What tasks are taking up most of your time? What can you delegate? What would make a major difference in your life if you were able to have someone else take care of it instead? These are the questions to ask as you look through the available assistants. Don’t just hire based on preference of experience; hire for what you need.

What are the limitations of an Amazon assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant usually means that you’re hiring someone with a lot of general skills. But there’s a difference between an assistant with office or administrative experience and an Amazon assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant for specific Amazon tasks means you’ll likely want to get someone with those skills, which means they may or may not have limitations with other aspects of running your business.

What kinds of tasks can an Amazon assistant handle?

You’ll see some of those listed above. In short, you can have an Amazon assistant handle just about anything you might do on Amazon: competition research, keyword research, listing reviews, listing optimization, customer support, supplier support, social media, and more. 

How do I get the most out of this experience?

Be clear about your expectations and hire someone who can do the job you need. When you identify those high-ROI tasks that help your business grow and delegate them, you begin to see the potential that your business has for improving its overall capacity.

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