How to Hire a Website Assistant for Your Business

Wondering about getting a website assistant for your business? We're here to help! Delegated has an informative guide on website assistants and can get you a virtual website assistant to help manage your business online.

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How to Hire a Website Assistant for Your Business

These days, a lot of businesses run through their websites. Even if you don’t think that your website is that essential a part of your operation, you might be wrong. 94% of your first impressions as a business will relate to the impression your website makes.

For some businesses, a website is everything. It’s the hub from which you make all of your sales. For other businesses, a website might just be part of the funnel, but secondary to the in-person experience. Either way, websites are essential for any business these days. It’s more than a business card. It’s your first impression. 

For many of your customers, their first step won’t be to call you, but to Google you. They want to see that your website portrays a professional image. And it only takes them about 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on your website—and by extension, you.

There are a few problems here:

  • You aren’t a website expert. Far from it. As a full-time business owner, you simply don’t have the time to handle the inner workings of WordPress, or the years of experience necessary to create a website from scratch.
  • You don’t have time. Everything from digital marketing, social media, to content management can be time-consuming. You need to be able to outsource that to someone else. Preferably, some else with the experience to make your web presence engaging. 
  • You don’t have the eye for graphic design. And maybe you do—but even if you do, do you have the time to take your graphic design ideas and make them work on a website?

The simple solution is to outsource many of these tasks to a full time or part time website assistant. Doing so won’t only ensure that you have everything you need for your website to make a better first impression, but you’ll have a much smoother sales funnel that can incorporate with your entire business. Here’s how to do it.

What You Can Achieve With a Website Assistant

A website assistant is a virtual assistant that can take over all sorts of duties related to your website management. If you’ve ever found the process of building or maintaining a website cumbersome, then a website assistant might be exactly what you need to keep your website in top shape without having to devote countless hours to it yourself.

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Here are some things that you can immediately turn over to a website assistant:

  • Making your website more informative. Some 47% of your website visitors will check out your services and products before anything else. That means that people are interested in what you have to offer. If your website isn’t informative enough, people will simply go to your competitors until they find a website that is informative enough.
  • Scheduling and consultation. If you run a service-based business and you rely on leads from your website, then it’s always a good idea to have a website assistant smooth out that process for you. You might have them integrate with your calendar so that they can easily schedule a phone consultation, for example, based on people who submit your “schedule a consultation” form online.
  • Customer support. When customers reach out to your website because they have a specific issue, it’s important that they feel heard. The problem is that as the head of the business—focusing on other things like digital marketing, for example—you won’t always feel like you have the time or energy to devote to customer support. 
  • Updating news and latest developments. Your business probably likes keeping its customers in the loop. You don’t have to send out a printed company newsletter these days. However, you can have a website assistant update your site with the latest news and developments, keeping your customers in the loop without you having to do it yourself.
  • Uploading new content. New content is essential. You don’t want a customer to check your blog and find out that your latest post was in 2017. They might wonder if you’re still open! Instead, have a website assistant find ways of posting new content.

These items might be a bit beyond your virtual website assistant's focus, but some may have additional capabilities in these areas, but you shouldn't go in with this expectation:

  • Website design. Sure, you don’t think that a company has to have a pretty website to be effective. But did you know that 38% of website visitors still stop engaging with a website altogether if they find it doesn’t look pretty? Outsource the work to a website design expert or a website assistant who can get your website looking its best. They should be proficient in whatever your site is built based on, but commonly this will include CSS and HTML/XHTML.
  • Making a website more mobile-friendly. Did you know that 74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites? If you don’t have a content management system or a design that incorporates mobile-friendly elements, then you might be missing out on more repeat visits than you know.

Skills will ultimately vary by virtual assistant, so if you have a specific need make sure to address that up front. Primarily a website assistant can be viewed as an administrative assistant who helps manage the website.

The Benefits of Using a Website Assistant to Take Work Off Your Hands

These days, a website is more than just a business card that you put online. It’s the online hub of information for your business. And customers will expect that you treat it like that.

The problem is that when you run the business, you don’t have time to micromanage everything that goes into keeping your website updated. 

One of the most relevant benefits of hiring a virtual website assistant is that you can reduce your costs. For example, let’s say that you had considered hiring someone as a full-time website manager. According to Best of Budgets, going virtual could save up to 78% of operating costs per year. With an experienced, skilled website assistant, you’ll be able to maintain the same level of quality with your website while also realizing those reduced costs.

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A website assistant might also help you with aspects of your website that you had never even considered. For example:

  • Website speed. 47% of website visitors are hoping for a maximum load time of two seconds. Without a website assistant taking this type of thing into account, you might not even know why people are “bouncing” from your website in the first place.
  • Call to action optimization. “Click here” is not exactly an engaging call to action. But when you have a trusted website assistant looking for issues like these, they can improve and tweak your CTAs. In fact, so many people overlook this one aspect that 70% of small businesses don’t even have one on their page!
  • Customer experience. The experience that a potential customer has with your website is vitally important. 88% of customers who find you online are less likely to ever return if they have a bad experience.
  • Integrations. Does your website’s various systems (such as its content management system) not overlap with other software you use on a regular basis? You might be surprised to find out how many integrations are available that you’ve never thought to use. Work with a website assistant to make sure that your website is properly integrated with your existing systems. This won’t only save time, but will help ensure that you follow up with every visitor and potential lead that comes your way.
  • Ecommerce improvement. If your business primarily deals with Ecommerce, then a website assistant will be there to stay on top of any developments at your website. Issues like lagging speed or customers with specific challenges can immediately be brought to your attention without you having to always monitor what’s happening at the website.

A virtual assistant who can handle all of these things will be invaluable. They’ll help you to move your focus from the day-to-day maintenance of the website to a more overarching strategy. How will you build a better company? How will you free yourself to think big picture? It starts by delegating the small tasks.

How to Get Started with a Website Assistant

Sound complicated? It’s not—especially if you know the right steps. Here’s how we recommend you get started with your first website assistant:

  • Sign up with Delegated (a virtual assistant service). Create an account with us and you’ll have access to different website assistants, which means you can start reviewing their background and experience as soon as possible.
  • Work with a Customer Success Manager. We don’t expect that you’ll know how to handle every step yourself. That’s why we step in with a Customer Success Manager to help you identify the right website assistant for your needs.
  • Select your website assistant. Need someone with the precise know how to match your needs? Now’s the time to make sure that your website assistant is someone who has the skills and experience to handle the tasks that you’ve identified you most need on your website. This can include everything from high-quality edits to the graphics of the home page to serving as a general web developer when you need one.

Onboard your new employee. Create a list of the tasks you most need on your website, and then include instructions for handling that. This will be your onboarding document. Include not only detailed instructions of what you want—and the results you want—but the relevant log-in information that the website assistant will need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The term “website assistant” can sound vague to some. Let’s get rid of any of that vagueness by tackling the most frequent questions people have:

What does a website assistant do, exactly?

The short answer is simple: what you need them to do to keep your website in great condition! However, that can mean different things for different businesses. For a primarily Ecommerce based business, that might mean maintaining an online store and dealing with customer support. For a service-based business, it might mean administrative support in keeping the website linked to your office functions, such as scheduling.

What kinds of businesses need a website assistant?

There are a lot of businesses that could do with a website assistant. It’s better to ask whether your business has the specific needs that are suited to a website assistant’s skills. For example, do you need to outsource some of your digital marketing efforts? Do you need someone with graphic design experience to take on some visual issues? Those are both tasks that might fall under the purview of an experienced website assistant.

Why shouldn’t I hire a full-time web developer?

You can! But before you do, keep in mind just how much you can save when you outsource to a website assistant instead. In some cases, the numbers show you might save as much as 78% on costs, according to Best of Budget. And a website assistant is a great way to try out a new way of handling your website without hiring someone to work for you at your office on a full-time basis.

What kinds of skills should website assistants have?

These skills should align with your specific needs. If you run an Ecommerce store, for example, you’ll want someone who can handle the demands of customer support and website development. If, on the other hand, you primarily run a WordPress blog, you’ll want someone with WordPress experience who can handle any potential coding issues that may result as you incorporate different plugins.

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