Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is an increasingly relevant market for people who run online businesses. That means it comes with its own set of skills and knowledge. As someone who has built a Pinterest yourself, you know that these skills are not necessarily skills that translate to other fields. That’s why if you’re interested in hiring a virtual assistant to help you with a Pinterest business, you’re going to need someone with the specific experience to help.

Enter the Pinterest Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant with specific experience with a Pinterest account, pinning, SEO, and everything else that’s gone into making your side hustle a genuine business can help decrease your workload. Here’s how.

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What You Can Do with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Let’s say you’ve run a successful Pinterest business for a while now. You might wonder what a Pinterest VA can possibly bring to the table. After all, you’ve built, marketed, and grown your business into what it is today—something growing so fast that you’re considering adding help.

Here are a few highlights that demonstrate what a Pinterest VA can do for you:

  • Administrative tasks. The administration of a Pinterest account can feel like a job in and of itself. That’s why it’s important to delegate your regular administrative tasks—especially as it relates to your Pinterest dashboard—to someone who not only knows how to handle these tasks, but how to handle them within the Pinterest platform.
  • Pinning. If you’re talking about Pinterest, we have to talk about the art of pinning. It’s not something that everyone gets overnight. It involves choosing the right time to pin. Selecting the right images. Consistently pinning. Incorporating seasonal trends, optimizing boards—not skills that someone simply picks up in a day or two.
  • Graphic artistry. Running a business on Pinterest is a uniquely visual experience, and you need someone on your team who can help. Whether that means understanding how to change font combinations, utilize photo editors, or construct a color palette that’s designed to gain attention, your VA should at least be familiar with these concepts if they’re going to pin on your behalf. Using tools like Canva or understanding the DIY market may seem like disparate skills, but they all fall under the ability to use Pinterest creatively.
  • Pinterest management. Managing a Pinterest account is something that should be done consistently and mindfully. Thus far, you’ve likely been doing it yourself. If you’re going to delegate, it helps to utilize a VA with experience in optimizing boards, profiles, utilizing the Pinterest business account, optimizing pins for search, and more.
  • Results reporting. Pinterest analytics can be surprisingly robust. A Pinterest virtual assistant should not only know how to use and read Pinterest campaigns and their results, but analyze them.

What Life with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is Like

If you read through the skills above and wondered where you might be in this scenario, keep in mind that the experience is customizable. If you want to manage the graphic artistry while using your Pinterest VA to handle the aspects of running a Pinterest business, that works just fine. So does the reverse.

Here are some of the ways you can use a VA on Pinterest to help you run your business:

  • Handling administrative tasks. Even if your Pinterest business requires its own experience and skills (as listed above), there are still going to be administrative tasks that you might want to delegate. That includes anything relating to your schedule, your email inbox, your bookkeeping, and more. A VA should be able to take these tasks on to free you to focus more on what’s going on with your Pinterest business.
  • Building your productive capacity. Let’s say you want to focus on something new, like using SEO to draw more interest in your business. You can not only outsource some of your daily tasks—many of which are listed above—but you can rely on an experienced virtual assistant to help you grow into these new spaces and make your business more productive.
  • Interacting on a social media platform outside of Pinterest. If you want to expand your overall Pinterest funnel, it can sometimes mean using an omnichannel approach. Look for a VA who can not only handle what you do on Pinterest, but incorporate elements from other social media to boost your Pinterest presence.
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Why Do You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant in the First Place?

If you’ve built this side hustle into a legitimate business, then it’s tempting to wonder why you would ever delegate something as important as making your own Pinterest boards or managing your dashboard. But there are some surprising statistics behind virtual assistants that you’ll want to peruse before you decide.

For starters: cost. Hiring a full-time employee for your Pinterest business can be prohibitively expensive. According to BestOfBudgets, a virtual assistant can save up to 78% on operating costs throughout the year. Hiring a part-time VA from our VA services is a great way to ensure you meet your business goals without going over budget.

Hiring a virtual assistant with specific Pinterest experience does mean that you’ll get someone more skilled than any virtual assistant you can find on jobs boards online. But compared to the costs of hiring a full-time employee, a virtual assistant with this kind of experience can be a much more flexible and cost-effective way to get business done.

There’s also the issue of productivity. How do you know if your Pinterest virtual assistant is providing the value for the investment, even if that investment might be less than you would expect to pay if you were hiring a full-time employee?

As SmallBizTrends once noted, research shows that “remote workers are more productive” thanks to their ability to control their time. And because these workers spend less time traveling to an office, they’re able to get more done throughout the day. That means that the work you pay for is going towards productive work.

The ability of a virtual assistant to work from home may not be a major issue for you—after all, you’re more interested in the work being performed. But because working from home is often a better situation for virtual assistants, they’re able to devote more time to your business and less time to the logistics of finding a way to the office.

Getting Started with Hiring Your Own Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Evaluating a virtual assistant is one thing. But if you have a Pinterest-specific business that requires unique experience, there’s a step-by-step process you can undertake to ensure that you end up with someone who will fit in nicely. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Sign up. Signing up with us is quick and easy, and once you’re signed up, we’ll help you kick off the process.
  • Work with a customer success manager. The next step is to work with one of our customer success managers. Their job is to ensure that your unique requirements match the specific qualifications of a VA who can perform duties on Pinterest.
  • Select a virtual assistant. Our customer success manager will help you identify a Pinterest VA with the skills and background that match your needs. 
  • Create an onboarding plan. Once you have a VA in mind, it’s time to get them integrated into your business. What can they do to help you with your Pinterest marketing and business needs? What tasks will they be expected to perform most often?

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FAQ for Pinterest Virtual Assistants

If you want a virtual assistant who can help you with every aspect of your Pinterest business, then it only stands to reason that you may have some more questions. That’s why we’ve taken some of the most frequently asked questions we get and answered them below:

What can a Pinterest virtual assistant do for me?

With enough experience and skills, a virtual assistant can handle just about anything that you might need as it relates to your Pinterest business. Of course, every Pinterest business is different and your own priorities for frequent tasks may differ from other peoples’. However, some of the most common tasks for Pinterest VAs include analytics, optimization, pinning, social media strategy, bookkeeping, administrative tasks (such as email and scheduling), and more.

What happens if a VA doesn’t know how I run things at my Pinterest business?

The first few months are an important time, because it’s when you’ll let your VA know exactly what’s expected of them. We always recommend that you create an onboarding document. Not only can your VA help fill in the gaps of this document as they go on, but this can serve as a key onboarding feature for any future employees or VAs as your business grows.

How do I know which person I should hire?

This comes down to preference and background. As someone with their own business on Pinterest, you likely have a laundry list of tasks and strategies that you know work for you. As such, you’ll probably have some ideas on what your ideal VA might be able to do. But you should also pay attention to the specific background of your VA candidates. Which of them have the most experience in the areas that you’ll need most? Which tasks will they be doing most frequently? When you can match your needs to a VA’s background, you have a recipe for success.

What can’t a Pinterest VA do for me?

A Pinterest VA with proper access can do just about anything you might need at your Pinterest business—except anything requiring their physical presence. The good news? That isn’t much. Handling your Pinterest account, dealing with customers, optimizing your boards—these are all things that you do online yourself. A VA, properly introduced to your Pinterest company, will be able to take them on as well.

What should I have my VA do first?

The best way to kick off on the right foot is to introduce your VA to the process and get them familiarized with your accounts and what you’ll need them to do. Hopefully, you’ve chosen a VA who has a similar background to what you need and there won’t be many gaps to fill in.

After that, you should start your VA on the tasks they’ll most frequently be asked to perform. This will help you not only make sure that the VA can ask any questions about that process, but that they learn “on the job” right away.

Who will do best with a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Who most needs a virtual assistant? That’s a subjective question, but we often find that there is a wide range of people who can benefit from a Pinterest VA. From freelancers with their own Pinterest boards to influencers and executives, and even management at a company who need to expand their presence on Pinterest, a VA can help handle everything you need on Pinterest while you turn your attention to growing the business itself. 

But you don’t have to be in management to hire one. Even if you’ve just gotten your first client and your business is taking off, it’s a great time to look into a VA.

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