Live 24/7 U.S.-based virtual receptionist service that integrates with your business.

Scale your business with a virtual receptionist that can handle your phone calls and help you grow your business. Just like hiring a receptionist but without the overhead.
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As integrated as you need:

White-labeled Branding

We answer your calls using your preferred greeting! Calls are returned from a line with a customized Caller ID.
Forward Calls

Forward your landline or mobile number and our live receptionists will answer your business calls. Turn forwarding on and off as you wish!

Call Back

Let us know who to call and we'll follow up for you. Branded to your desire, we'll call on behalf of you or your company. 

Appointment Scheduling
If you deal with a lot of appointments, we can get those calls onto your calendar in real-time. Finally, a single solution.
Intake Forms
Let Delegated free up your time and take the pressure off your on-site staff by handling the client intake form over the phone.
Transfer Calls

We'll direct calls where they need to go. Add numbers to sales, customer service, or key personnel and we'll re-direct callers. Both cold and warm transfers.
Not in the mood to take a call? We'll answer or listen to your voicemail for you and provide you with the ones that matter via email or text.
General Inquiries

Let our receptionists answer phone calls with general inquiries like business hours, directions, and other simple questions. If we don't know the answer, we'll find it and call them back!
Live Answering
Our receptionists will take incoming calls for your small business regardless of call volume at a fraction of the cost of a full-time secretary
Reduce your spam and junk calls. We'll mitigate spam and blocked numbers by screening your calls to make sure no one is wasting your time.

College educated, 
U.S. based assistants

  • All our virtual assistants are college educated and live in the U.S.
  • We train your assistant — so you don’t have to
  • Direct contact, email, phone, and text
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Save on overhead, headaches, and hassle without compromising quality.

Full-time assistants are too costly. Plus, you rarely need someone full-time. Delegated assistants give you all the benefits of a full-time employee (1:1 dedication, ongoing training, accessibility) without the cost. Your assistant is employed by us — so there’s no payroll, benefits, or costly overhead.


Do you provide me with an exclusive business phone number?
Yes. We dedicate an exclusive number to each client. Most of our clients forward their already-published main number to us, whether it be a land-line, cell or VOIP. You can also choose to forward certain extensions from virtual phone systems like Grasshopper.
How do you handle call transfers?
We will speak to you before transferring your call. If you’re unavailable, or if you don’t answer the call, our receptionist will go back to your caller, let them know you’re unavailable, take a message and notify you. We will only cold-transfer calls to you upon your request. For example, you are in all-day meetings, and would like your callers to leave a direct voicemail.
Are we able to select a local or toll-free number?
We typically provide you with a local number in your area. Upon request, we can provide a toll-free number.
If our clients request information or guidance, can you assist?
We are able to answer general questions or if you provide us with detailed call scripts and intake forms we can further assist your callers without your intervention.
How long does it take to get started?
We can start taking your calls within 48 business hours. This gives us time to set you up in our system, create documentation and train our receptionists on any nuances pertaining to your business.
Are you able to schedule appointments?
We are happy to schedule your appointments using your business calendar or other scheduling platform.
How will our calls be answered?
We answer your calls with your personalized greeting. There will be no mention of Delegated and your callers will not sense that an outside service is taking your calls.
Can I just have you take messages?
We are able to answer your call, explain that you are in a meeting or with a client, take a message and forward this message to you by email and/or text.
Are you able to make outbound calls to my clients and vendors?
In most cases, yes! However, we are not able to make outbound sales calls.
Can you make sales calls for me?
No. Unfortunately, we’re not able to handle sales calls. However, we can answer general inquiries! Supply us with your businesses pertinent information like address, hours of operation, etc and we’ll happily field these easy to answer questions!
Are your receptionists HIPAA compliant?
Yes! All receptionists have undergone HIPAA compliance training.
Are you a call center?
No, we provide individual live receptionists who are based remote, not in a call center, who are dedicated to your business and handle your inbound calls.
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Loved by top companies and entrepreneurs

Gary March
“I started out thinking this was going to just be a quick research project, but the more I dug in with my DAM the more things I realized they could do. I have Delegated handling my calls, appointments, travel.”
Beats By Dre
"We actually updated our HR employee enrollment process to include Delegated as part of employee orientation. Every Beats by Dre employee received 1 hour of service to support their work life balance."
"Delegated has helped us quickly to provide ongoing support for our growing team. They were incredible when it came time to move our HQ to a new location - providing reliable and consistent support."
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